cats got...?

cat, got your tale…?

“…. triple plays….”

;Dogon Sang a dragons Song…

"click, make big"

Mali 9:11am Friday (GMT)
Sanga or Sangha is a group of thirteen villages in the Dogon Country region of Mali, lying east of Bandiagara at the top of an escarpment. The most important villages are Ogol-du-Haut and Ogol-du-Bas. It is known as a centre for traditional religion with many temples and shrines, and as a base for visitors to the local Dogon villages. Most of the ethnographic work by Marcel Griaule was carried out amon…. "


Constellation Leo:

Denebola (β Leo, β Leonis, Beta Leonis) is the second brightest star in the constellation Leo. It is an A-class star that is about 36 light-years (11 pc) distant from earth, and has a luminosity about twelve times that of the sun. Its apparent magnitude is 2.14. Denebola is a Delta Scuti type variable star, meaning its luminosity varies very slightly over a period of a few hours.[2]Wiki

.... Regulus?
".... we're upside, dear...."

"... pull my finger, he said....

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